Junk removal pricing is based on the amount of space your stuff takes up in the back of our trucks. Our prices include all taxes and labor, and we don't add any fees or surcharges. Our pricing begins at our minimum charge of $125, then goes up through twelve different price points to our full truckload rate of $625. If you have multiple truckloads of stuff you want removed, pricing simply starts over with each additional truckload. Since our prices are based on volume, we give all of our firm prices on site. All prices are commitment-free, and we we'll never raise the price on the items we quoted.

Load Pricing

One of our truck loads is equal to six pickup truck loads

3/4 TRUCKLOAD: $510
1/2 TRUCKLOAD: $390
1/4 TRUCKLOAD: $240

Transparent pricing.
No games and gimmicks.

Are you tired of getting quotes that look good, only to find tens or hundreds of dollars in additional fees added at the end of the job? So are we. That's why we provide you with an all-inclusive, no-commitment price as soon as you show us what to take. We don't add taxes, fees, or any other charges to the prices we quote up front, so you'll know exactly what the job will cost before we get started. And if our quote was too high, we'll actually lower the price down to the accurate charge. Now that's honest pricing!